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Things You’ll Learn At Hair School In Austin

Hair school is about more than using scissors. Here are a few of the things you can learn at hair school in Austin to prepare you for a cosmetology career.

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hair school Austin

Why Take Nail Technician Classes?

There is a class for everything you can imagine. Every student has a different reason to learn. They might be looking to have fun, gain a new skill, or even pursue a change in career. Nail technician classes can fall into all three of these categories. Pursue something you enjoy and learn a skill that leads to a rewarding cosmetology career.

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nail technician classes

How High School Prepared You for Beauty School in Austin

Thinking about going to beauty school in Austin? Wondering how it differs from the type of education you’ve already had? It turns out your high school classes might have helped you more than you know.

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 beauty school in austin tx

Is Cosmetology School Worth It in San Antonio?

“It is worth it?” Do you ask yourself this question often? When you think about braving San Antonio traffic? When you’re shopping for jeans and look at the price tag? And especially when you’re deciding what to do with the rest of your life, such as whether to go to cosmetology school?

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cosmetology school san antonio

Get Creative with Nail Tech Classes in Austin

To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a roundup of some nail art that would be perfect to wear in Austin and beyond. Learn how to do this at Nuvani!

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creative nail tech classes in austin texas

Think Beautiful. Think About Beauty School.

Austin in a town known for its creativity. Our music, art, and food are never boring. Some of our most famous residents are bats! (And some of our other residents can be a little batty...)

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beauty school in austin

The Beauty Industry is Growing

With the influence of YouTube and Instagram, it is easy to see that the beauty industry is growing fast. In 2016, the global cosmetic market grew an estimated four percent in comparison to the previous year, according to Hair care and skincare were notably large parts of this huge jump!

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beauty industry, cosmetology school in texas

3 Unique Reasons Why You Should Go to Cosmetology School

Life as a cosmetologist is full of freedom not only creatively, but in how your work schedule is structured. This career offers many benefits but is only successful for the dedicated and disciplined. Nuvani Institute has carefully tailored our program for the best and brightest talent in the industry.

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cosmetology school in texas, why you should go to cosmetology school

What to do after High School Graduation in 4 Steps

Do you have, or will you be receiving a high school diploma or G.E.D soon? If yes, then you are already on your way to meeting the admissions requirements at Nuvani Institute. Life after high school can seem daunting, but with a solid plan, the experience won’t be so intimidating. Consider attending a career school where you will gain skills that will make you successful in the beauty industry.

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what to do after high school graduation, beauty school in texas

Introducing a New Scholarship Opportunity

At Nuvani Institute, we work hard to provide the best education possible for our students. We understand how important financial support is when you’re attending school, that is why we’re offering two opportunities to guarantee that you will graduate with less debt.

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new scholarship for cosmetology school in texas

How to Get Paid for Graduating From Cosmetology School On Time In Texas

Nuvani Institute exists to help people climb the educational ladder to a better future! We understand the pressures of going to school and the sacrifices you’re making to pursue your dream career. That is why Nuvani Institute is providing an On-Time Graduation Tuition Reward, available for a limited time.

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get paid for graduating from cosmetology school in texas, on-time graduation reward for beauty school

Careers in Cosmetology at Nuvani Institute

There are so many career opportunities possible once you're certified. Nuvani Institute is the perfect stepping stone towards your dreams. With financial aid, committed instructors, and convenient class-times, Nuvani is the right choice for this. Learn more about how you can pursue a career in cosmetology through training that won't take up the next four years of your life.

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Careers in cosmetology, cosmetology school in austin

Swipe Right on Your New Career

Stop settling for temporary job matches, and swipe right on a career that you want to last.

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Don't you wish there was a Tinder for schools or career choices? Nuvani does too. That's why we've made ourselves as appealing as possible with a simple admissions process and financial aid options! Take the next step and apply for the admissions process at Nuvani as soon as possible!

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Can You Afford to NOT Further Your Education?

Specialized job training can help advance your education and potential job prospects by giving you the skills employers are looking for. If you are interested in moving beyond an entry level position, the requirement for a higher education or job training is also important! Taking classes and getting certified in your career field opens many new doors for employment, yearly income and more.

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Can You Afford to NOT Further Your Education?

3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself with An Education

With the holiday season upon us, it is easy to get caught up in the release of modern technology and trendy clothes. But what if you could buy yourself a gift that won’t go out of style? You can! It’s an education. Read on to learn three reasons why you should consider going back to school and how it can help you in the long run!

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is it too late for to attend beauty school? Austin, Texas

Is It Too Late For Me To Attend Beauty School?

If you’re young enough to be thinking about a new career, then you’re young enough to pursue training as a cosmetologist, esthetician, manicurist, or cosmetology instructor. Take the opportunity in front of you and go after it!

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is it too late for to attend beauty school? Austin, Texas

Nail Technician Classes Can Take As Little As 5 Months

Are you looking to get trained for a new career? Nail technician classes can take as little as 5 months at Nuvani Institute! Learn more about our program!

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nail technician classes, Austin, Texas

How To Choose a Beauty School in Austin

Are you wondering how to choose a beauty school in Austin, Texas? We understand the challenge and we want to provide guidance at this important time.

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How to choose a beauty school in austin

How Can A Beauty School in San Antonio Change My Life?

If you’re wanting to change your life now, there is a way to do it! A new career is within reach for you, you just have to reach out and grab it.

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beauty school in san antonio, nuvani institute

What You Can Learn At A Beauty School in Austin

A beauty school like Nuvani Institute has experienced, committed instructors who want to see students do well. In fact, there is an entire staff whose concern is training students for a career in the beauty industry.

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Beauty School in Austin

Cosmetology School in San Antonio Offers Scholarships Up To $4000

Nuvani Institute offers up to $4,000 in scholarships and rewards to students. We make it as simple as possible for students who are interested in enrolling or taking advantage of the tuition reduction rewards, and scholarships.

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cosmetology school in san antonio, scholarship for cosmetology school

Five Reasons To Attend Beauty School in Austin

We offer five reasons to attend beauty school in Austin that will have you excited to start the enrollment process as soon as you finish reading!

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hair stylist, beauty school austin

Beauty School In Austin Offers Affordable Nail Technician Classes

A nail technician, or cosmetology manicurist, is trained to work in a salon or spa, but it opens up other opportunities as well. Nuvani Institute is pleased to be able to offer affordable nail technician classes to those who are interested in being trained as manicurists.

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Beauty School In Austin Offers Affordable Nail Technician Classes

Beauty School In Austin Offers $2,000 For Graduating On Time

If you graduate from your program on time at The Nuvani Institute in Austin, you will receive a $2,000 reward. That means $2,000 more in your pocket if you can graduate on time and that's something The Nuvani Institute wants to see every student accomplish.

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beauty school in austin offers graduation reward

How to Attend Beauty School in San Antonio

Students at beauty school learn the skills needed to become beauticians, manicurists, or cosmetologists. At a beauty school in San Antonio, you can learn all of the skills needed in order to start a new career. Best of all, it won't require years of your life to launch a new career!

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Beauty School in San Antonio

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