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Five Reasons To Attend Beauty School in Austin

Beauty School in Austin

Nuvani Institute is a beauty school in Austin that has thrived by helping students. At Nuvani, students can get trained as beauticians, cosmetologists, hair stylists, manicurists, estheticians, or even cosmetology instructors.

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Five Reasons to Attend Beauty School at Nuvani

1. Get Trained In Months, Not Years

Depending on which program you enroll in, you can get trained in 30 – 70 weeks. That means you can train for a real career by working with your hands. We've worked to create a program that trains students quickly and efficiently.

2. Grants and Financial Aid

For students who qualify, there is a wealth of financial aid and grants available at Nuvani Institute in Austin. If you want to attend beauty school in Austin, Nuvani Institute will do all that we can to ensure that is feasible for you.

3. Small Class Sizes

Nuvani Institute in Austin purposefully keeps class sizes small so that students can benefit from increased instruction time. Fewer people in the class means more time for the instructor to work directly with each student and answer their questions or concerns.

4. Hands-On Training & Experience

You will have the opportunity to learn from committed instructors at our beauty school in Austin who are committed to seeing students through the training process.

5. Multiple Program Options

You know that you want to attend beauty school, but you're not sure what you want to do with it? Nuvani Institute of Austin's admissions representatives are used to dealing with this and can offer advice on how to choose which program. Remember, in Austin we offer four programs.

Contact Our Beauty School in Austin

Nuvani Institute is proud to provide a place where students can get trained as cosmetologists, nail technicians, facial specialists, instructors, and hair stylists. If you're interested in learning more, taking a tour of our Austin beauty school, or just having some questions answered, then call us at (512) 782-4939 or fill out the form here.

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