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How to Attend Beauty School in San Antonio

Why Should You Enroll in Beauty School?

Students at beauty school learn the skills needed to become beauticians, manicurists, or cosmetologists. At a beauty school in San Antonio, you can learn all of the skills needed in order to start a new career. Best of all, it won't require years of your life to launch a new career!

Attend Beauty School in San Antonio For Months Not Years

Depending on which program you attend, you could be trained for a new career in as little as 5 months or as much as a year. Anything under a year is an incredibly short period of time to get trained for a new career, but Nuvani is proud of the fact that we enable students to get trained in a matter of months rather than years.

Beauty School in San Antonio

Beauty School Enrolling Now

Our beauty schools in San Antonio is enrolling for classes now. We have purposefully designed our program with small class sizes in mind, so that each student has more time with the instructor. Hands on experience allows students to get comfortable with the tools of the trade long before they actually begin a new career.

$2,000 On-Time Graduate Reward

The Nuvani beauty school in San Antonio is proud to be able to offer financial incentives for our students as well. This includes a $500 scholarship for high school graduates in year 2017 who enroll prior to August 31 st of 2017. We want to reward those who know what next step they're taking!

We also offer a $2,000 on-time graduation reward for the Cosmetology Operator program or a $1,000 on-time graduate reward for the Cosmetology Instructor or Cosmetology Esthetician programs. This is offered to anyone who graduates on-time as an incentive

Enroll in Beauty School Today!

Nuvani Institute is enrolling for beauty school today! All you need to do to begin the process is fill out a form or call us at (210) 731-8449.

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