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Nuvani Institute Testimonials

Here’s What Our Graduates Have to Say

This is really a great school! The staff is all very encouraging and they are more than just teachers, they are communicative, fun, and inspiring leaders. The students are all kinds of awesome. I went to baldwin before enrolling and did not feel excepted, or like I wanted to finish but at Nuvani they really care about you and your education instead of just being another student or dollar sign walking through the door. I have been very blessed to go to this school. So far, SO AWESOME!

Kelly Thomas

Nuvani is a excellent school definitely your looking for something affordable and lots of hands on work experience each teacher is unique and caring and loving and understanding of each students. Learn a lot. Esthetician and Cosmo programs are 💯

Aaliyha Duran

Uplifting, supportive and patient instructors that will help you feel confident in moving forward with your new career!! Felt heard, seen and understood. They pushed the doubt right out of me.

Alyssa Cervantes

Aww. I miss school here. Time spent here was so fun. If you’re interested in hands on learning this is the place for you. Time spent here is 1000% what you make out of it, my instructors here always helped when times where difficult for me, they always tried to approach us in a loving, caring manner. And my questions were always answered. Everyone was always encouraging each other. Time here is entirely what you make out of it. Focus, learn and be dedicated. Understand that you are there to learn and do as much as you can -with a heart full of love and kindness. Time flies by when you’re having fun so sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Esmeralda Brito

My experience as a student was amazing!! The staff and teachers went above and beyond to accommodate me. They made sure that we students understood everything. They worked until we were confident and understood everything about being a Cosmologist. They also took extra time to help us prepare for state board!! I give them a 10 out 10!!

Angela Bryant