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The ABCs of Beauty School

What do you know about beauty school? Luckily, no matter your knowledge, there are so many resources to learn more. Our website is one of them! You can browse our programs as well as dozens of blog posts with tips and information. Let’s take each letter of the word “beauty” to learn a bit more about beauty school in Austin. (This is also known as an acrostic poem, by the way.)

Beauty School In Austin: Letter By Letter

  • B is for Beneficial. Of course, B can be for Beauty too! Going to school and learning new things can be beneficial in a number of ways. You can increase your confidence, your knowledge, and even your happiness. But most importantly, it qualifies you for a new career. In Texas, you need to complete 1,500 hours of accredited instruction to get a cosmetology operator license. Enrolling in school is the first step!
  • E is for Education. OK, obviously you’re going to get an education if you go to beauty school. That’s kind of the point, right? But what KIND of education matters. Cosmetology training should focus on your future career. To do that, our students get real-world training from certified experts. They teach in both the classroom and the salon. That way, students get book knowledge and hands-on practice. It all adds up to a well-rounded, professional education.
  • A is for Art. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you love making art? Well, not all artists use canvases and pencils! Working in cosmetology means you’ll be helping your clients look—and feel—more beautiful. You’d be creating living art! Beautifully colored hair, expertly cut styles, and perfectly painted nails—that sounds like art to us.
  • U is for Useful. Going to beauty school in Austin means you’re learning a real, marketable skill. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s a good career move. The job outlook from 2018-28 predicts employment will grow 8%, which is faster than average. That equals 63,900 more jobs. One of them could be yours if you learn these useful skills. What’s more, every cosmetology class relates directly to your future work. So you won’t be wasting your time. And speaking of time…
  • T is for Time. Beauty school might not take as long as you think. The length depends on what program you’re interested in and your schedule. For example, nail technician classes can take as little as five months. Also, you might not have time during the day to go to school. That’s why Nuvani offers our beauty classes at night as well. Whatever you choose, it definitely won’t take as much time as a four-year college.
  • And Y is for You! Yes, we mean YOU. We’ve got all you need to prepare for and start your new future. All you have to do is join us. Start by contacting our admissions staff. We’ve made our admissions process simple and the requirements straightforward. To start, you must be at least 17 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. Additionally, there are financial aid opportunities available for those who qualify.

Contact Nuvani

Ready to see how YOU can be a part of beauty school in Austin? To get started, contact us online or call us at (512) 782-4939. Find us in Austin on East William Cannon Drive right off I-35. We also have locations in San AntonioDel RioEagle Pass, and Uvalde. We can’t wait to help you create your new future!