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How High School Prepared You for Beauty School in Austin

Thinking about going to beauty school in Austin? Wondering how it differs from the type of education you’ve already had? It turns out your high school classes might have helped you more than you know. So even if you’ve never had any beauty or cosmetology instruction, you might be more prepared than you think. Everything can be a preparation for the rest of your life. It just depends on how you look at it.

You’re Ready For Beauty School

Even if you didn’t love high school, you probably had at least one class you liked better than the others. Your favorite class might have prepared you for a course in cosmetology school. You could have a future career in cosmetology.


This might be the first one you thought of. And it does make sense! In general, creativity is beneficial to any profession—but especially in cosmetology. It especially can be helpful in a Cosmetology Manicure Specialist program. You’ll need a steady hand with a paint brush. Think of those ten fingers as a canvas for your next masterpiece!


A hair stylist or Cosmetology Operator doesn’t just cut hair. They chemically treat hair too. They have to mix colors and the right strength of chemical relaxants. Taking this course, you even have a class in chemistry!


Everything can be a numbers game. Basic math skills can make a cosmetology degree easier. If a client is getting multiple services—such as a cut and color, or relaxer and eyebrow wax—you can add those costs up. You’ll have to know exactly how a long a service should take to manage your schedule. And it won’t hurt to calculate how much you make in tips too!

Social Studies/Drama

People skills are beneficial for every job. But think about what makes a great experience at a salon. It’s usually friendly, helpful people! Learning about other cultures in social studies can help you relate to your clients. Some drama and sparkling conversation can add to your customer service experience.


Maybe you loved biology in school. Did you like learning about living things and how the body works? Then you probably know that the skin is the body’s biggest organ. Learn how to care for it studying for a Cosmetology Esthetician degree. Anatomy, technology, and treatments are all part of the course. These classes could lead to a job where you’ll apply what you learn to help give others love their faces.

Get Schooled in Austin

Whatever program you choose, Cosmetology School will take your learning to another level. That’s because you’ll be training for a real career. At Nuvani’s location in Austin, you can experience any of these programs. Call us at (512) 782-4939 for more information. Check us out on Facebook too!