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How to Get Paid for Graduating From Cosmetology School On Time In Texas

Nuvani Institute exists to help people climb the educational ladder to a better future! We understand the pressures of going to school and the sacrifices you’re making to pursue your dream career. That is why Nuvani Institute is providing an On-Time Graduation Tuition Reward, available for a limited time. Whether you attend cosmetology school in Austin, San Antonio, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, or Uvalde, any of the Nuvani Institute campuses qualify! Read more to learn how Nuvani is making education affordable:

The process is simple and straightforward.

Cosmetology students must attend 1,500 clock hours to graduate, but if a student completes 110% of the program (1,650 hours) from the original enrollment date, that student will receive a $2,000 graduation tuition reward. The reward amount for a CFA and CIN is $1,000 if 825 clock hours are completed from the original enrollment date.

Upon graduation the student’s cost of tuition will be reduced by $2,000/$1,000! This means you will be graduating with less borrowed debt and entering your desired workforce with a reward for your extra effort. This money could be used toward building your client list and purchasing the tools necessary for your new job. If you’re considering attending cosmetology school in Texas, you should give yourself the benefit of more affordable tuition with Nuvani!

We also encourage you to speak with our financial aid office. We have a team of experts who are prepared to explain the wealth of financial aid options offered by Nuvani Institute. No matter your financial situation, we can help you apply for assistance and answer any eligibility questions you might have. If you are interested in learning more about our On-Time Graduation Tuition Reward and your financial aid eligibility, please reach out! Click here to request more info.