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The Beauty Industry is Growing

With the influence of YouTube and Instagram, it is easy to see that the beauty industry is growing fast. In 2016, the global cosmetic market grew an estimated four percent in comparison to the previous year, according to Hair care and skincare were notably large parts of this huge jump! Nuvani Institute realizes the increase in the demand within this field and that is why we stay on the cutting edge of beauty trends and technology. Read more about why the industry is changing and how you can be a part of the innovation:

What is the cause of this climb?

According to, selfies and constant picture-taking cause consumers to need to look their best all the time and that’s one of the factors encouraging beauty industry growth. Social media culture is effecting the change, but so is the need to be educated on proper skin care and hygiene. The new outlet social media provides has allowed regular people, or “influencers,” to have a voice to educate an audience on techniques and products to embody a healthier lifestyle. Forbes goes onto call the beauty industry a self-supporting cycle that continues to build and benefit it’s consumers.

Should you get involved now?

If you have a passion for beauty but aren’t sure if you can fit in with the current mold – perfect, this is the career for you! says, our definition of beauty is malleable and ever changing – providing never ending opportunities for the industry to innovate. If you watch a makeup tutorials on YouTube or see a look on Instagram and know that you could re-create it or even better, elevate the look, then it’s time to get involved! This is a growing industry that has no decline in sight.

How can you make a name for yourself in a growing industry?

Start by getting the required training and continue to solidify your own personal brand by getting out of your comfort zone. The internet is an outstanding tool for research and to market yourself. Our team at Nuvani Institute encourages you to share your story and resume online! This can help you to build a clientele and network with your peers or find a mentor. You have the ability to be as well known as your favorite beauty or hair blogger if you just take the first step.

Take your first step at Nuvani Institute! Here you will gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge required in the beauty industry. We will guide you to gain the skills needed for earning a certification and a successful career. Click here to fill out a short form and one of our friendly admissions representatives will be in contact soon!