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Get the Skills to Become a Professional Facial Specialist

Esthetician at work station
As a qualified Facial Specialist, you will have the skills required to be an expert in the beauty & wellness industry

25-Week* Cosmetology Esthetician Training Program in Austin, TX

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People find it hard to trust anyone with their face when it comes to facials. That is one reason why all estheticians –– that is, cosmetologists who specialize in facial care –– are required to have a high level of skill as well as practical experience in advanced skin care techniques.

In today’s competitive world everyone is conscious about how they look, and due to the growing demand to look good, the need for aestheticians is increasing. An aesthetician is a skin care therapist, spa technician and facial specialist who help in cleaning, beautifying and maintaining the skin and face.

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Becoming a Confident Facial Specialist

To become a licensed Facial Specialist, it is mandatory for you to be trained under the guidance of experienced cosmetologists. Nuvani Institute has a team of knowledgeable instructors who teach different steps of doing facials, how to apply facial creams, and the job description and the use of all of the equipment of a spa technician.

Upon completion of the Cosmetology Esthetician program, students must still take and pass the written and practical exam offered in their state before they can receive a license.

Career Opportunities:

  • Salons
  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Day Spas
  • Salon Owner
  • Platform Artist
  • Product Representative
  • Resort Spas

Program Objective

The objective of the Cosmetology Esthetician program is to provide the student with the skills necessary to perform facials, utilizing the most modern techniques, procedures, and chemicals that are available and to prepare the student for the written and practical examinations given by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation subsequent to issuance of a State License to perform facials.

Course NumberCourse NameClock Hours
C0101Facial Treatment, Cleansing, Masking, & Therapy225
C0102Anatomy and Physiology90
C0103Electricity, Machines, & Related Equipment75
C0105Orientation, Rules and Law50
C0107Care of Client50
C0108Sanitation, Safety, and First Aid40
C0110Superfluous Hair Removal25
CF111Aroma Therapy15
CF113Color Psychology10
750 Total Hrs

Curriculum Information

Nuvani Institute’s Cosmetology Esthetician Program has been designed to make sure that you imbibe all the skills, techniques and understanding of chemicals you need for the treatment and care of facial (and other) skin. The instructors at Nuvani are considered to be highly qualified and will guide you appropriately as you gain the expertise you need to practice this branch of cosmetology.

CF101 Facial Treatment, Cleansing, Masking, & Therapy

225 Clock hours
Students learn in-depth presentation of facial skill development utilizing preservatives, which maintain the health of the facial skin, and corrective treatments, which modify or corrects facial skin conditions. Extensive demo and practice is given.

CF102 Anatomy and Physiology

90 Clock hours
Students will develop an understanding of anatomy and physiology of bones, muscles, nerves, blood, and skin of the face and neck is discussed. Presentation on performance of facial, neck, and upper back massages and manipulations is given.

CF103 Electricity, Machines & Related Equipment

75 Clock hours
Students will understand the use of electronic and galvanic devices is discussed as part of the treatments given. Various packs and masks are discussed.

CF104 Makeup

75 Clock hours
Students will learn makeup application, corrective makeup and makeup enhancements are covered. Cosmetics for facial makeup, makeup color theory, client consultations, and artificial eyelashes and safety precautions are taught.

CF105 Orientation, Rules and Law

50 Clock hours
Students will get to know about the history of cosmetology relative to facials and related practices is covered. Standards, policies and requirements mandated by the state-approving agency will be taught.

CF106 Chemistry

50 Clock hours
Students will learn the chemical make-up of facial preparations. The students gain know-how on the preparation and use of chemicals and creams on plain, dry, and oily skin.

CF107 Care of Client

50 Clock hours
Students will learn the need for proper draping to ensure safety of the client. Students are taught to verbally communicate with their client to discuss the service to be performed from start to finish (release form to end result).

CF108 Sanitation and Safety Measures

40 Clock hours
Students understand the use, storage, and handling of supplies, materials, and implements for proper safety and sanitation are discussed. Salon procedures covering safety and sanitation are presented.

CF109 Management

35 Clock hours
Students will understand the establishment of procedures to handle patron booking appointments, proper telephone usage, and the principles of good salesmanship are discussed. Basic record-keeping and tax considerations are discussed.

CF110 Superfluous Hair Removal

25 Clock hours
Students learn about waxing and tweezing of facial hair. Depilatory creams, electrolysis, and laser hair removal is also taught to the students.

CF111 Aroma Therapy

15 Clock hours
Students develop know-how on the therapeutic use of essential oils. Students are taught how these essential oils will enhance the client’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

CF112 Nutrition

10 Clock hours
Students will get to know about the ethics, good personal grooming, hygiene, and how to maintain a professional image. Professionalism in handling the patron and preparing the patron for procedures is taught.

CF113 Color Psychology

10 Clock hours
Students will understand the procedure of analyzing the skin and determining what type of treatment is called for, and the application and removal of creams, lotions, astringents, and makeup is also taught to the student.

Program Length

Day Program: 25 Weeks*

Graduation Criteria

The student must complete a total of 750 clock hours, must be able to complete within 150% of the published length of the program, and have satisfactory progress in both theory and practical training. The student must maintain an average of at least 70% on academic and practical work.

Additional Information

Uniforms will be provided, at the student’s expense
State of Texas Student Cosmetology License Required

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*Program length when completed in normal time